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From Write at Home’s website:

WriteAtHome offers a variety of writing courses for middle and high school students using internet technology. The instruction is asynchronous, meaning that there are no fixed class meeting times. Students and their parents can access lessons, assignments, and student work from our web site at their convenience. Assignments have set due dates, but students can work on them off-line when it fits into their weekly schedule.

On an assigned day of each week, known as the class exchange day, a new lesson and assignment will be made accessible in the student’s Student Area. The student’s previously submitted work will also be available for download and will include detailed comments from his or her Writing Coach.

Have you ever used Write at Home? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

2 thoughts on “Write at Home

  1. My pg dd did the 7th grade semester Write@Home class. She likes writing and spent about 1/2-1 hour per week on her work. She’d read about the different grammar topics and answer the few questions. She also did weekly writing assignments, which had a first draft, second, and final copy due each week. She thought the writing topics were interesting.

  2. Dd thoroughly enjoyed Write@Home and her writing (mostly mechanics) improved. (Dd still has spelling “issues,” though…sigh). I was impressed with the instructor’s ability to critique dd’s writing in a way that did not offend dd’s sensitivities but still got the point across that improvement/editing was needed. The topics about which the kids were to write were creative, too. For the money, I thought the program was very worthwhile. I do think it possible for 6th and 7th grade semester classes to be done in one year, as dd did not work all that hard, imo, to get her required homework completed each week.

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