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From Thinkwell’s website:

Thinkwell Homeschool students watch a 5-10 minute online video lesson featuring award-winning teachers. They complete online exercises, which are automatically graded for the topic so you get instant correct-answer feedback. When they’re ready, they move on to the next lesson. The pace of your course is up to you, but most courses are designed to be completed in one school year (at the college level most of the courses would be completed in one semester). Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Calculus are equivalent to two-semester college courses.

Thinkwell’s Biology AP includes all of these features to prepare you for the big exam:

* Equivalent to 11th- or 12th-grade AP Biology
* More than 380 video lessons
* 180 available contact hours
* 1000+ interactive AP Bio problems with immediate feedback allow you to track your progress (See sample)
* AP Biology practice chapter tests for all 14 chapters, as well as a final exam to make sure you’re ready for the AP Biology exam
* Diagnostic tests that tell you exactly what you need to study
* Printable illustrated notes for each topic
* Closed captioning for all videos
* Glossary of more than 1600 biology terms

NOTE: College Board will test students according to new curriculum standards on the AP Biology exam beginning in May 2013.

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