Switched On Schoolhouse World History

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From Alpha Omega’s website:

Switched-On Schoolhouse 10th Grade World History is the perfect course for your high school child. Using this computer-based homeschool course, your child will learn about exciting people and places throughout the past. Multimedia-enriched lessons contain video clips, animation, and learning games to capture your child’s interest. Unlike traditional one-dimensional history textbooks—this Alpha Omega curriculum is made for today’s generation! Featuring major highlights from world history, this dynamic course includes quality academics together with entertaining content, a winning combination.

Are you ready for the best part? To help homeschooling parents, we’ve included several teacher-friendly tools like automatic grading and lesson planning. Imagine spending more time with your child and less time doing paperwork. What could be better? And you can also have assurance that your child will be learning valuable information. Topics included studies on ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, wars and revolutions, world empires, and the modern world.

Switched-On Schoolhouse

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