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From Oak Meadow’s website:

Our curriculum materials provide everything you need to homeschool your child for an entire year. Lesson plans, assignments, activities and readings provide a solid foundation for the balanced development of your child.

Education is often considered to be a matter of teaching facts, but we believe that true education involves more than just the intellect — it engages and integrates every aspect of the child. We believe that true intelligence arises when children are given opportunities to engage not only their heads, but their hands and hearts as well. Our curriculum includes assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development.

An understanding of the developmental needs of children is the foundation of our curriculum. We seek to foster healthy development by introducing subjects and skills in a carefully considered sequence. We are mindful of keeping subjects well grounded in a familiar reality for the young child, and we gradually introduce abstract concepts as the grades advance. Imagination, creativity, and inquiry are carefully balanced through the grades in a way that keeps wonder and excitement alive in childhood.

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