Noeo Physics

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Content: Science
Grade(s): 1st – 8th
Perspective: Christian
Prep Time: Moderate
Teacher Manual: Included
Teacher Involvement: Essential
Cost: $$$$ || ?
Publication Date: 2008

** From the Publisher’s Website: **

This science curriculum is designed especially for teaching science at home. Its variety-filled structure is best described as a balance between the classical method and the Charlotte Mason approach. In contrast with a single textbook approach, the variety of study materials and activities will encourage more interest in science and guide children into discovery of the complexity, order, and wonder of God’s design.

Major Topics in Physics 1:
Forces and Motion
Light and Color
Wheels and Pulleys
Electricity and Magnetism
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
Michael Faraday
Galileo Galilei
Major Topics in Physics 2:
Sir Isaac Newton
Galileo Galilei
Major Topics in Physics 3:
History of Physics
Forces and Motion
Simple Machines
Magnets and Electromagnetism
Albert Einstein
Nicolaus Copernicus
Galileo Galilei

About the Author:
Noeo Science Curriculum was developed by Dr. Randy Pritchard, a veterinarian, husband, and father of two boys. Dr. Pritchard has taught in public school, Sunday school, and science labs for a homeschool co-op. He and his wife homeschooled their sons and the whole family contributed to the selection of the books and the content of the curriculum. Logos Press is now a division of Canon Press.

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One thought on “Noeo Physics

  1. Noeo works well with our Charlotte Mason homeschool sytle. Sometimes we do more writing than others. It’s nice to have the choice. My 12yo loves how there’s so many experiments. SHe’s very hands-on and really likes to do science, not just learn it. The teacher’s guide helps me make sure I know what I need to know.

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