Marine Science

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From Amsco’s website:

To provide a moderately priced textbook for a one-year high school course in marine biology and oceanography. Can be used as an elective (after completion of standard science courses) or as an alternative to standard science courses. This new marine science textbook is written specifically for high school students. The 23 chapters cover a full range of topics in marine biology and oceanography. Topics are presented in an engaging, easy-to-read manner that introduces students to the great diversity of marine life and ocean environments.

  • Elements of basic biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics woven into the presentation of marine science topics, which give the book an interdisciplinary approach
  • A special “boxed feature” that explores cutting-edge advances, discoveries, and interesting issues in marine science
  • An abundant illustration program that consists of drawings, photographs, diagrams, graphs, and tables that enlivens the text and helps students visualize the material and sharpen interpretive skills
  • An end-of-chapter review that includes a variety of question types tests students’ understanding of the material presented
  • A Laboratory investigation that involves students in activities related to important topics covered in the chapter; labs are written so that landlocked classrooms can be accommodated

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