Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum, High School

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From Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum’s website:

Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum is the only full-line (K through 12) curriculum owned and operated by a local independent Baptist church. This is your assurance that the curriculum is and will remain doctrinally sound. Suitable for both church school and homeschool application, LFBC is designed to be self-instructional, but is flexible enough to be used in traditional settings.

Our curriculum introduces the students to a new concept, then repeats the same concept from a broader base at a later time in the course. This planned repetition and expansion of a concept is a proven mastery technique used in the most sophisticated learning tools available. In English and math, concepts are repeated from year to year to ensure mastery of these important skill areas.

Each Studyguide is divided into 36 weeks of lessons. The student completes one week’s work in each of the 36 weeks of the school year. The student then takes a quiz each week in each subject. The lesson planning is already done, making LFBC ideal for the homeschooling parent or the Christian day school teacher! Each quarter has nine weeks that compose the four grading periods for the year. This concept allows a totally traditional, totally individualized, or a combination of the two instructional modes to be utilized by large schools or small schools/homeschools.

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3 thoughts on “Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum, High School

  1. i can not figure out the grading and how to grade the reports or even how to tell if it is an essay or a report

  2. Landmark is lazy, sloppily written and they are only searching for a quick buck. Their Science was last update in 1983 and their English in 1993! DO NOT BUY! They do not offer proper courses to get into a college and leave you stranded when you begin to apply with only a fraction of the credits they need. I have no idea how they became accredited, bur it is an awful shame.

  3. I started out with LFBC and liked it, but I kept thinking that my kids would enjoy something more colorful. I had all those same questions new homeschooling parents normally have and wondered if I could be missing something. I have bought Abeka and Christian Liberty Press along with Christian Light, and have even tried the online public school as well as some outside-the-box unit studies and textbooks, which are all great. I ALWAYS end up returning to my LFBC. They are academically sound and they are also inexpensive, which is a huge help in this economy (at least for my family). I find it much easier to use. The curriculums are basically on par with each other and studying the same things and people on given years. (I have literally sat and compared this one vs. that one to make sure things are similar in the elementary grades.) However, if you don’t mind the lack of color in the books, Landmark is excellent. It is academically challenging and it is super easy for the parent to implement. Everything is planned out for your (i.e. Week Two, Day 3, etc.) Test Day is always Day 5 of every week. It is flexible enough that you could do testing on Day 4 after lessons and take Friday off. No more sitting down every week to plan out lessons for the week for each of my kids. The layout of the lesson plans is a huge blessing to me. Then, your children know what to expect and what to work on without pointing out which book, what page, etc. It’s awesome. Works great for my family, especially since we help care for ill family members and spend alot of time running back and forth to the doctors’ offices and trying to keep our normal school and church schedule. It’s also nice when we have to take our school books along with us. Obviously, we still spend alot of together time on the work; it’s just that there are no more confusing days when we miss a day or I’ve misplaced something I was working on with their lesson plans. It’s always all together and organized. This church that distributes this curriculum gives the option of homeschooling on your own, or you can join their academy (which is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools) and obtain an accredited high school diploma. We love Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum and will continue to use it for our kids.

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