Junior Analytical Grammar

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From Junior Analytical Grammar’s website:

Junior Analytical Grammar is an 11-week course in the basics of grammar and is written at a reading level easily understood by 4th or 5th graders. It covers all the parts of speech and the parts of the sentence exclusive of the four phrases and three subordinate clauses. It teaches classical sentence diagraming in a step-by-step manner. My recommendation is that parents go through this course with their children, and then just let the grammar “marinate” in their brains until they are in 6th grade, which is when Analytical Grammar comes into play.

Analytical Grammar is a unique method of teaching grammar, which starts from “ground zero” – assuming that the student knows no grammar – and continues on from concept to concept, until the entire body of knowledge which we call grammar is covered. The concepts, rather than being taught separately, are woven together into a logical whole which the student will recognize to be what he already knows about how words are put together into sentences to make meaning. Since these concepts make sense to kids, they remember them.

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