Imitation in Writing

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From Logos Press’ website:

The Imitation in Writing method follows great minds like the American colonialist – Ben Franklin and the ancient Roman – Marcus Fabius Quintilian. Students will read and familiarize themselves with a new story each week. After studying the story, memorizing the key facts, and learning the new vocabulary, students will re-write the same story using their own words. Students are not “hung up” trying to decide what story they are telling, but they only have to think about how to re-tell the story they already know.

Titles in the series include:

  • Aesops Fables — 40 short fables, 3rd Grade and up
  • Fairy Tales — 20 stories, Hans Christian Anderson, Grimm Bros., etc. 3rd Grade and up
  • Medieval Legends — 28 stories about Beowulf, King Arthur, Roland, the Nibelung and the rest. 4th Grade and up
  • Greek Myths — 27 myths, the stories start to get longer. 4th Grade and up
  • Greek Heroes — 27 stories about Perseus, Jason, Hercules and Theseus. 4th Grade and up.
  • Poetry Primer — 17 Lessons, 4th or 5th Grade and up (includes more than 30 poems in a mini-anthology)
  • Grammar of Poetry — 27 Lessons, 5th or 6th Grade and up (includes 50 poems in an anthology)

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