High School Biology In Your Home

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From Science for High School’s website:

High School Biology In Your Home (originally published under the name What?? Me Teach High School Biology??) involves the student in a discovery learning process by requiring him to do research (visual learning), discuss what he has discovered in his research (audio learning), and hands-on activities with some sort of lab almost every week (kinesthetic learning).

You do not have to use a textbook with this program! Library books are wonderful in that they are written by people who are excited by their subject, and that excitement is conveyed in their writing. (Textbooks and encyclopedias usually contain just the facts and can to be a little dry). A biology textbook is useful, but may not contain all the information necessary to answer a few of the lessons.

I have researched what is required by the public school system and what areas of study are necessary for a student to be considered to have taken high school biology. What I have included in the program is demanding, well-rounded, and with all the dissections would be considered a “honors” class in any institutional school situation.

Have you ever used High School Biology In Your Home? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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