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From Behold and See Science’s website:

These books fill the need for science texts that are up-to-date and accurate according to the best scientific understanding we have today, while presenting a truly Catholic worldview. These complete one-year courses are designed around a four-day school week.

Behold and See is intended to help children build a conceptual framework of scientific ideas and thinking. Factual knowledge is presented as necessary, but conceptual understanding is more important to future scientific or technical study than the mere accumulation of facts. In order to achieve these aims, information and concepts are presented clearly and simply, while using the most up-to-date information available.

A hands-on approach has been employed which allows children to do science rather than simply read about it. The unique layout of the lessons interweaves experiments and worksheets that take the student step by step through each concept.

In the 3rd grade Beginnings book, ten chapters cover: “What is Science?”; “Matter and Spirit”; “Force and Energy”; “The Sun, Moon, and Stars”; “Animals”; “Plants”; “Interdependence in God’s Design”; “Many Parts, One Body”; “Senses”; “Nutrition and Health”. Also includes a “Dictionary of Words to Learn”!

The 4th grade Human Anatomy and Health book is divided in two. Part One: My Temple of the Holy Spirit is a hands-on human anatomy course designed to be given to your student to work from independently. Course teaches about the function and location of many of the organs God has designed in the human body. A beautiful pro-life thread runs throughout the course. As a wrap-up activity, student will make the “Human Body Felt Project,” an inexpensive and wonderful teaching tool your student will be proud to have made. Patterns included.

Part Two: Nutrition, Health, and First Aid for Catholic Boys and Girls is an excellent overview of health, nutrition, and safety from a Catholic perspective. Simple, clear terms explain nutrients and how to create a balanced diet as well as the ins and outs of disease, hygiene, exercise, and more. Includes basic First Aid instructions for a variety of medical situations from bug bites to frostbite.

Have you ever used Behold and See Science? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

2 thoughts on “Behold and See Science

  1. Thank you Sarah. I am very familiar with those 3 curricula and I have been wanting something more for my kids. I think you affirmed what my heart knew.

  2. We have used the Behold and See for Grade 4, Human Anatomy and Nutrition. My daughter loved it! She has used several different sciences for the first three years, including Seton, Science and Living in God’s World, and then Harcourt. Nothing compared to her contentedness with Behold and See. It provided information, activities, and just enough interest level to give her time to look up things once she became exposed to them through this curriculum. Or not if she was not so inclined. The 4th grade book is very simply designed, but the information is interesting, and the activities were doable (you get to choose from a group of options).
    I am planning on putting all three of my kids in the Behold and See series next year, as they now have a First, Third (described above) and a Fifth…with the Sixth grade book in production. Hopefully a Second grade book will not be far off! You can see sample pages of each of them at the CHC website.

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