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Finding the Right High School Curriculum

Some families want a comprehensive curriculum from one company – one that provides them with all the materials they need for their child’s year of study. Other families like to pick and choose across different material. Perhaps their child is strong in math, but weak in English.

The links on this page provide you with a list of companies that offer full high school curriculum packages. In some cases, the curriculum has been developed and accredited as an independent school. In that event, you can also sign up (for a fee) for additional oversight services so your student will be eligible to receive a high school diploma from that school.

In many cases, you may also purchase individual courses from these companies. Check and see what the company’s enrollment and purchasing policy may be.

Finally, you can also click on the tabs above in the Navigation Bar to find individual high school courses for specific subject areas. Some companies specialize in publishing educational materials in just one content area. You will find those courses through the links above.


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