Epi Kardia Unit Study, High School

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From Epi Kardia’s website:

Epi Kardia offers Charlotte Mason style, literature-based curricula written from an evangelical Christian perspective and organized by chronological history. History, science, language arts (grammar, spelling, composition, literature study, poetry) and fine arts all in one curriculum that can be used for multiple years. All you need with the curriculum to teach the subjects above are books (often available at your local public or church library), a detailed grammar reference book, art/science/general school supplies, and a willingness to take an active role in planning and supervising your student(s) education!

Epi Kardia’s Secondary Complete Program is designed to be used from 9th through 12th grades, following either the one year suggested schedule and moving through the units Creation to Modern annually, the two year schedule offered in the manual, or the schedule of your choosing—depending upon the depth and length of the books chosen and the way YOU decide to plan for your high school students.

Epi Kardia’s complete program includes:

  • Nine historical unit booklets and one across-the-units Resources booklet.
  • A multi-page historical overview of each time period to aid in teacher preparation and/or for older students to read.
  • A 100+ page teaching manual, including time/home/supply management tips, how to teach history, language arts, science, fine arts, and projects. Additionally addresses learning and teaching styles and more.
  • Tools CD with customizable charts and forms for student note-taking and parent records. Upper grades manual includes high school course planning/record-keeping forms and samples.

Have you ever used Epi Kardia? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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