Science in a Nutshell, Delta Education

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From Delta Education Science Kits’ website:

Kids in grades 2-6 explore and discover science concepts and processes through inquiry and hands-on learning. Fun, meaningful activities for student-directed individual or small-group learning.

What’s in a Nutshell?

* 8-12 activities that develop a specific science topic
* Quality materials for 1-3 students
* An Activity Guide with simple, clearly written instructions
* 3 Activity Journals to record student observations and data, and apply writing skills
* Consumable materials for 6 uses

A variety of kits are available for:

Life Science – 15 kits focusing on the human body, cells, the senses, and water.

Earth Science – 14 kits focusing on the rock cycle, water cycle, the moon, stars, and the Earth

Physical Science – 23 kits focusing on simple machines, electricity, magnets, and sound

Have you ever used Science in a Nutshell by Delta Education? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

One thought on “Science in a Nutshell, Delta Education

  1. They are expensive, but they do include 3 student booklets, and you can buy extras for only about $2 each (or that’s what they used to cost, anyway). There are more than enough materials to complete the projects more than 3 times, so you could easily use them with multiple children, replace a student booklet, and still sell your left over kit to recoup some of your costs.

    There have been a couple we’ve used that have seemed too simplistic to me for all but the youngest children, such as the one on fossil casting, which is really just some plastic toys, a seashell, and a big box of plaster of Paris. You could easily go to the craft store and buy your own and use stuff from around your house to cast molds. You don’t need that kit to do that! And the gears kit was pretty simplistic, too, but overall, most of them have been great. We have particularly liked them for covering physics topics, although there are other kits more widely available now to cover those topics, as well. I have noticed that some of the new kits for physics that are available are just as expensive, if not more so, than these kits – and I don’t know if they can be reused….

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