God Creation Series, Christian Liberty Press

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From Christian Liberty Press’ website:

A three grade series for elementary science.

KindergartenThe World God Made: This science text gives students a simple overview of the basic elements of science from a Christian perspective. Topics such as nature, weather, seasons, personal health, and animals are presented in this beautifully illustrated four-color text.

1st GradeOur Father’s World: This science text covers such topics as plants, insects, animals, creation science, and basic health. Each topic is pre-sented with full-color illustrations, hands-on activities, vocabulary drills, and comprehension questions.

2nd GradeGod’s Wonderful Works: Second grade students will delight to study creation based upon the six-day account described in the book of Genesis. Students learn about what God made during each of the days of creation. In full-color format, students explore the creation of the physical world, energy, plants, heavenly bodies, animals, and human beings. This workbook is truly unique and includes helpful review questions and many hands-on activities.

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