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From Alpha-Phonics’s website:

Alpha-Phonics offers an effective, step-by-step, intensive phonics program for teaching reading to beginners of all ages. The 128 lessons are self-explanatory. However, a teacher’s manual is provided offering practical suggestions for each lesson.

Alpha-Phonics is printed in large, clear calligraphy suitable for beginning readers. The lesson pages were carefully designed to eliminate distraction and to focus the pupil’s full attention on the work at hand. Alpha-Phonics contains a section of pre-reading alphabet exercises to aid in letter recognition before beginning the reading program.

Alpha-Phonics uses a phonogram approach. One vowel is presented at a time and reading skills are developed by studying all the possible word families of that vowel before moving to the next vowel.

Alpha-Phonics provides extensive word lists and practice sentences to reinforce basic skills. As the pupil becomes more advanced, library books may be used for supplemental reading practice. While no separate readers are necessary, we do offer a set of readers which are closely coordinated to the material in the book itself. The word lists and practice sentences in Alpha-Phonics can be used for spelling and handwriting practice, so separate spelling or handwriting programs are unnecessary.

Have you ever used Alpha-Phonics? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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  1. Money was very tight when I first started homeschooling, which is part of the reason why I chose AlphaPhonics. I couldn’t afford more expensive programs but I wanted to make sure my kiddo learned how to read. We would spend about 15 minutes a day and by the third lesson he was able to read a couple of sentences by himself. It was basic but it worked for us.

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