Write For Us

Do you homeschool? Do you like to write and share your experiences? Then, we’d like to hear from you!

Hand In Hand Homeschool is looking for writers to share their thoughts on teaching kids at home. We accept articles on a rolling basis. Assigned articles are due on the 1st of the month. We generally post new content once a month.

Pitch us a topic, explaining how you’ll talk about the information. Or, let us know about your area of specialty and we’ll see if there’s a good fit and a need for the type of content you write.

A Few Technical Points:

  • Articles should be no more than 750 words and should include relevant links to authoritative outside sources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.
  • You retain all copyrights to your written work but grant HIH unlimited use, nonexclusive electronic rights.
  • Your name appears as the metaname author and in metaname keywords, enhancing your visibility on the Internet.
  • You receive a byline and a clickable email link with each article.
  • Reprints are fine, as long as you can let me know when and where the piece originally appeared and you can confirm that you have the right to republish.
  • If we publish five of your articles within a three month period, we’ll include you in our main website’s About Us page as a Contributing Writer.
  • Hand In Hand reserves the right to decline submissions for any reason or to ask for revisions.

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A Bit About Writing Style

HIH’s content is divided into three basic areas:

1- General homeschooling
2- Homeschooling resources for Maryland families
3- Gifted education, with a special focus on social-emotional issues, radical acceleration and early college

I prefer objective writing that is backed by links to facts, laws, or best practices. More recently, I’ve begun to use a few first person pieces with relaxed writing, but I stay away from straight opinion that has no take-away, inspirational or practical message. While we love reading blogs about how great homeschool kids are and the fun they have homeschooling, are articles take a different tone.

HIH is a secular site that supports a variety of different homeschool philosophies, with the underlying message that every child learns differently and no one method will work for every child in every family. At the same time, we believe parents have the ultimate responsibility for being involved with their kid’s education, not just the academics but also the social-emotional piece.

Writing needs to be well organized, tight, and grammatically correct. Most articles will require a minimum amount of research. Feel free to take a look at some of these links to get a sense of what we publish.