Mapping the World with Art

From Mapping the World with Art’s website:

This curriculum, for grades 5-10, has four sections:

  1. HISTORY LESSONS: 30 history lessons (each lesson is one doubled-side page) that tells the story of how people gradually discovered geography and mapping over the course of thousands of years, from the ancient Babylonians and Greeks to the discovery of Antarctica in the 1800s. For a complete table of contents, click on the blue link below.
  2. DRAWING LESSONS: 30 step-by-step drawing lessons that correspond to the history lessons. (For example, after learning about the ancient Babylonians, we draw Mesopotamia; after learning about the Greeks, we draw Greece.) Some of the drawing lessons are split into”sub-lessons,” giving you a total of about 50 drawing lessons. These drawing lessons are available as hard copies in the book and also as recorded videos on the DVDs that comes with this curriculum. (There are almost 6 hours of instruction on the DVDs.)
  3. ACTIVITIES: There are over 100 pages of supplemental activities including art projects (mostly creating maps with different types of art media), craft ideas (high-content crafts such as making simple models of navigational instruments), review worksheets, articles to read, recipes, board games, group games, and links to Interent sources where you can view full-length documentaries on explorers, take a virtual tour of a globe factory, watch demonstrations of printing techniques, see unusual projections of the globe, watch dozens of short video clips about places around the world that relate to the lessons, and more.
  4. FINAL PROJECT: A MAP OF THE WORLD There are patterns and instructions for making a world map (size options: 12″x 22″ or 15″x 25″ ). This final project can be in any media. The students will use everything they have learned in the drawing lessons in order to create this map. The map can be used as a “final exam,” requiring them to work from memory, or it can be just a final review project with maps and globes available for reference.

Have you ever used Mapping the World with Art? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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One Response to Mapping the World with Art

  1. Amanda N. says:

    I really liked how we could pick and chooses activities. Sometimes we covered scientific ideas. Sometimes we cooked. Sometimes we just played games. We didn’t use the whole program, but the drawing lessons were really great. Depending on our moods, we would watch the video or use the step-by-step instructions in the book and mnemonic devices to draw the maps. My 12 year-old could draw maps from memory by the end of the year. My younger son could also draw maps, but I wasn’t too hung up with correcting his “mistakes”.

    Don’t confuse this curriculum with Mapping the World by Heart, which I did not like and was not worth the money at all.

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