Por Todo el Mundo (Abeka)


From Abeka’s website:

This 2-year course provides an excellent presentation of grammar and conversation skills. Easy-to-follow explanations, detailed examples, and abundant application exercises are designed to promote meaningful use of the language in class. The Teacher Guide includes scope and sequence, 10 sample daily plans, 35 weekly teaching plans, key to text exercises, and an appendix containing oral participation score sheet, gender/number charts, and person/number charts. Does not include a copy of the student text. The CD includes pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet, sentence drill introduction, alphabet sentence drills, scripture introduction, and scripture verses for chapters 1-35 of the student text. The Vocabulary Manual is fully illustrated. Contains pictures for each Spanish vocabulary word with the English meaning on the next page. There are 35 chapters. Introduces the most commonly used words under general headings such as school, wardrobe, and the family. It is designed to be used with the student text.

Have you ever used Por Todo el Mundo? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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