Red Hot Root Words

From Prufrock’s website:

Book 1 – Grades 3-5
A knowledge of word parts gives students a head start on decoding words in reading and testing situations. Each of the well-developed lessons in this text includes:

* one to three word parts along with meanings and sample words,
* five vocabulary words that use the prefixes or root words,
* definitions and sample sentences for each of the five words,
* a practice exercise that lets students apply knowledge of the words and their meanings, and
* a one-page review worksheet for one or two lessons that presents more unique opportunities to work with the prefixes and root words and to see how they are combined with suffixes.

Book 2 – Grades 6-8
This book, the second in a two-book series, contains three sections (prefixes, root words, and suffixes), but each section has the same format. Each of the lessons include:

* two to four prefixes, suffixes, or root words along with meanings and sample words;
* 10 new vocabulary words that use these word parts;
* definitions and sample sentences for each new word; and
* a one-page worksheet that presents a variety of ways to apply knowledge and expand understanding of the definitions and uses of the word parts.

In addition to the extensive student section, this book includes considerable reference material to help the instructor. This includes:

* a comprehensive listing of prefixes, root words, and suffixes;
* their meanings and sample words;
* extra words to use with each lesson;
* open-ended worksheets that can be used with any lesson; and
* additional lesson ideas to supplement your word study.

Have you ever used Red Hot Root Words? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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