Italian Is Fun

From Amsco’s website:

Italian is Fun provides students with a basal text that will help them attain acceptable levels of proficiency in basic communicative skills. The book provides enough materials for a one-year course in junior high school as well as beginning high school courses.

  • Develops basic communicative skills through simple materials. Uses visual cues for learning and practice.
  • Provides topical contexts to which students can easily relate.
  • Teaches vocabulary through lively drawings that convey meanings of words without the need of English.
  • Makes extensive use of cognates to show students that Italian is not so “foreign” after all.
  • Presents structure inductively, guiding students into making their own discoveries and formulating their own conclusions.
  • Features short, entertaining narratives and/or playlets that illustrate new vocabulary and structures.
  • Rounds out lessons with illustrated conversations, personalized dialog exercises, and other practice.
  • Makes cultural connections in the narratives, playlets, and personalized communicative practice.
  • Includes review units after every four lessons featuring games, puzzles, picture stories, and other practice.
  • Two achievement tests.

Have you ever used Italian Is Fun? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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One Response to Italian Is Fun

  1. Kylar Kenney says:

    I used this book with my kids when they where elementary age. It’s a very basic black and white text with simple line drawings, but it’s packed with lots of easy lessons. My kids really liked the dialogues. Each kid would get to be one person and that would be the part they read. If there were extra lines, I’d assign them or read them myself. We’d read the stories more than once a week. The lessons are built around a theme of vocabulary and they give you lots of practice. What I liked about this book is that it’s inexpensive enough that you don’t mind writing all your answers in it. And, you get serious grammar with the vocabulary, so you’re actually learning how to read, write, and speak the language all at once.

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