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From Tell Me More’s website:

The TELL ME MORE Education method offers different types of activities which correspond to precise pedagogical objectives.

Exercises for assimilating what has been learned. These exercises help students assimilate grammatical and lexical structures, as well as phonetics.

  • Repetition: Word Pronunciation, Sentence Pronunciation…
  • Substitution or Transformation: Sentence Practice, Grammar Practice…

Exercises for putting the rules into practice. The aim of these exercises is to make students focus on specific functional components within a language.

  • Reflection on the organization of sentence components: Word Order…
  • The use of vocabulary and grammar in fill-in-the-blanks exercises, which require students to analyze a sentence in its entirety in order to place the correct word: The Right Word, Fill-in-the-Blanks…
  • Vocabulary practice, which consists of associating a word with its antonym, synonym or a related image: Picture/Word Association, Word Association…
  • Reflection on vocabulary or grammar using texts or lexical groups, in which students must identify words belonging to a specific lexical or grammatical group: Words and Functions, Words and Topics…

Exercises for mastering the language. These exercises are designed to put what has been learned into practice through written expression.

  • Guided expression, focusing on rewriting a text in different contexts: Text Transformation…
  • Semi-guided expression: writing a short essay based on an image or video, or a summary of a given text: Written Expression…

Tell Me More is available in:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic

Have you ever used Tell Me More? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.

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2 Responses to Tell Me More

  1. Kristol C says:

    I got this for my dd, aged 13. She’d never taken a foreign language before. The price was great compared with comparable programs. I haven’t used the other programs so this may be the same in all but I would have liked an admin log in to keep track of her progress and maintain the settings. Instead anyone that logs in can modify the learning path. For my dd that meant she didn’t do the work. In addition there’s no printable weekly worksheets. You can print vocabulary but it’s a screen shot and doesn’t cover what you’re doing for the week/section.
    If you buy any of the packages I’d recommend getting your own mic/speaker. The one they send broke the day we got it.
    On the plus sides, price is great for any of the packages. If you have any questions, the staff are super nice.

  2. Julie C. says:

    Tell Me More is set up in an “adult” style. It has many different activites, and three learning modes: guided, free-roam, and dynamic. We haven’t gone too far with it, but DS really liked it. The “complete beginner” level is pretty tough, IMO, but since DS had the other Spanish course behind him, it’s a good intro into the new format.

    TMM has four levels in one, and for Spanish has both European Spanish and a disc for Latin American Spanish. DS enjoys learning both – like comparing British & American English.

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